News and Updates from The Little Massage Clinic Nicolle Mitchell

dementia and dismissal SO DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME… - So you don’t forget me... I’d just finished visiting mum after a particularly difficult family meeting which was mediated by… ..Continue Reading
A TOUCHY SUBJECT - A Touchy Subject Nicolle Mitchell explores the ethics of touch, consent and boundaries as a modern therapist WORDS Nicolle Mitchell… ..Continue Reading
OH BUGGAR! PETE’S IN A RAGE? - Oh Bugger! Pete’s in a rage? The strung out and overworked carers around him and the duty nurse Steve were… ..Continue Reading
WOULD I LIE TO YOU? - Ian usually enjoyed his massage each week and would happily sit while I smoothed away tension he held in his… ..Continue Reading
A SYMPTOM OR A HUMAN RESPONSE? - A Symptom or a Human Response? Doris sits in her wheelchair by the edge of the dining tables, a busy… ..Continue Reading
ARE YOU AVIALBLE? (YES, IT IS SPELT INCORRECTLY!) - Are you Avialble? (Yes, it is spelt incorrectly!) It’s 7am on a December morning. I’m checking messages across all my… ..Continue Reading
SIT DOWN TED! - Sit Down Ted! She told him for the umpteenth time. *Ted didn’t want to sit down. Ted wanted to walk,… ..Continue Reading
THE SPELL OF TIME THIEVES - The Spell of Time Thieves ……. things we can do to reclaim our time and stress less Recently, I’ve been… ..Continue Reading
A DEVINE CHAT ABOUT TOUCH - Don’t you just love it when you hit it off with someone and are completely on the same page. I… ..Continue Reading
YOUR MENTAL-HEALTH-O-METER CHECK - How’s your mental-health-o-meter? Everything is sunshiny? Just about OK? Overwhelmed and drowning? Just like our physical health, our mental health… ..Continue Reading