Organically Grown Tea Tree essential oil


Anti-microbial, anti-viral, immuno-stimulant, tonic to the lungs, expectorant, clearing phlegm from lungs, mosquito larvicidal

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Organically Grown Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternafolia)

Antiviral (against some viruses), antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, immune-stimulant, insecticide

It is useful in treating colds, infections including yeast infections like athlete’s foot, debilitation bronchitis, catarrh and coughs. It is part of my natural first aid kit for treating nasty bites, boils, & mouth ulcers

I use it in my clinic for immune support, chronic infections, debility, distraction, and decongesting respiratory system.

£4.20 for 5ml

£6.04 for 10ml


Safety Advice

Avoid use if:

  • if using daily, break after 3 weeks max to prevent toxic build up in the body
  • drying to skin in high dilution
  • keep out of reach of children – toxic if ingested
  • only use neat on affected area – consult qualified aromatherapist for advice


Interesting stuff:

The Aboriginal People used tea tree leaves historically to relieve headaches & colds. Captain Cook brewed a tea with them to prevent scurvy

This study has shown that tea tree has been found to be effective against a particular strain of the flu virus among other diseases (Garozzo, Timpanaro et al; 2009):

This study shows that tea tree, peppermint & thyme oils have strong antibacterial & antiseptic properties (Thosar, Basak et al; 2013)



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