Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) Organically Grown


Anti-microbial, anti-viral, immuno-stimulant, tonic to the lungs, expectorant, clearing phlegm from lungs, mosquito larvicidal

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Lavender (Lavendula officinalis) Organically Grown

Anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, sedative, bronchodilator, anti-spasmodic, analgesic, antihistamine, antipyretic (treats low grade fevers), anti-depressant, anti-fungal, decongestant, vulnary (heals wounds by promoting tissue healing)

I use lavender in my clinic to address high blood pressure, headaches, stress & mood swings. Its balancing properties can settle menstrual cycles, period pain, hormones, spots & acne. It is useful in treating arthritis & muscle pain. I find it is useful to address tension, fear and agitation, especially with emotional conflict. It is useful for fevers and it’s anti-inflammatory effects can reduce coughing.

A vital part of a natural 1st aid kit, I use it at home to treat minor burns including sunburn, bites, stings & help heal wounds once they have scabbed over.

Many therapists consider lavender the mother of essential oils as it blends well with most other oils & can bring together oils that would normally not blend so well without it. It blends well with clary sage and Roman Chamomile to address menstrual cramps, spasms, stress, anxiety & burnout.

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Safety Advice

Avoid use if:

  • pregnant
  • with low blood pressure or if on any blood pressure medication
  • keep out of reach of children


Interesting stuff:

Lavendula comes from the Latin “lavare” meaning to wash. Historically lavender water has been used to wash & in many toiletries.

In 1910 Rene Maurice Gattefosse scalded his hand in his laboratory & plunged it into a vat of lavender oil. It took the burning pain away and he noted his skin healed rapidly with less scarring in the following days. So started research into the properties of essential oils & wrote the first book on aromatherapy.

Many studies have been conducted as to the impact lavender has on the menopause. Kazemzadeh et al;2016 ( was a study of 100 women that concluded lavender reduces hot flushes in menopausal women which is why I have prescribed lavender along with bergamot & palmarosa to many women experiencing power surges over the past decades.

In a small study J Henry et al;2002 patients living with dementia had lavender oil diffused into their environment (a placebo of plain water was used as a control) which reduced agitation at night in 60% of patients.

There are numerous studies which illustrate lavender’s use in treating pain & arthritis. One peer review took 12 studies & concluded that alongside other therapeutic interventions, lavender can be used to treat pain. (



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