Bergamot essential oil


Anti-microbial, anti-viral, immuno-stimulant, tonic to the lungs, expectorant, clearing phlegm from lungs, mosquito larvicidal

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Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)

Anti-viral (for some viruses e.g. herpes), mild anti-depressant, support for upper & lower respiratory, febrifuge (can treat fever), analgesic, deodorant, stimulant, immune support.

Bergamot is a clean, relaxing yet refreshing and uplifting oil. I use it in my clinic for treating low mood, anxiety, negativity, frustration, unexpressed anger, inflexibility and repressed emotion. I also use it with people who have psoriasis and acne.

It blends well with mandarin to address stress, with lemongrass for fever, niaouli and peppermint for shingles & other viral conditions. It is used with tea tree and lavender for cold sores.


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Safety Advice

Avoid use if:

  • sunbathing after applying to skin; phototoxic, accelerates sunburn & may cause skin cancer
  • caution with sensitive skin
  • keep out of reach of children


Interesting stuff:

Bergamot reduce the inflammatory response in Cystic Fibrosis (Borgatti et al; 2011)

In 2018, a patent was applied for a combination of essential oils including bergamot among other oils: orange oil, lemon oil, grapefruit oil, mandarin oil, and petitgrain oil to be used with the aim of controlling epidemics.

Bergamot is considered a regulating oil so may be useful for people who live with ADHD and bipolar disorder.

It is was used in Italian folk medicine to treat fever and worms and is one of the most popular oils used in the perfume industry.



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