Benzoin Resin


Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, deodorant, expectorant, sedative, styptic, vulnerary

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Benzoin Resin 50% (Styrax benzoin)

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, deodorant, expectorant, sedative, styptic, vulnerary

Benzoin is another of my favourite oils & it is not expensive either!

With its soothing, warming, vanilla tones, I use plenty of benzoin in my clinic for real life crisis. It can bring comfort to those feeling isolated & dealing with grief. It is one of the ingredients in my “Dreamy Drops” as I often find there is a link between insomnia, grief & loneliness.

I use it in my clinic to help heal dry, cracked skin & include it in my “Nourish & Nurture” cream. I also use it for clients living with asthma or who present with a cough, especially laryngitis & to support immunity. It is a wonderful addition to any blend to aid circulation & treat those niggly joints.

Benzoin blends well with many oils but especially with myrrh to help heal skin; with citrus oils to lift a mood; & rose, frankincense and sandalwood to help with grief and past resentment.

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Safety Advice

Avoid use if:

  • if operating machinery, driving, needing to concentrate due to sedative qualities

Use in moderation due to sensitisation of skin


Interesting stuff:

It is a main ingredient in “Friars Balsam” which has long been used to treat respiratory conditions.

Benzoin comes from a solid resin from a tree which produces small orange like fruits. It is diluted in alcohol so we can use it therapeutically.



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