New clients are very welcome. Please contact me to make an appointment.

There may be a waiting list for new clients. When you are appointed, I will send you a welcome email (or we can do this over the phone if you do not have email). In your email I cover my policy, including expectations around cross infection, cancellations and I will attach a new client form which needs to be completed and returned prior to your appointment. This allows time for me to plan your treatment and contact you with any further questions so I can tailor your massage to suit your specific needs.

If you live with cancer or have had cancer in the past, I will send you an additional form so I can assess whether treatment is safe for you and if so how best to treat you safely.

Please note I do not cure cancer and work in line with the Cancer Act 1939. My aim is to work with you and other health professionals involved in your health care and support in order to improve quality of life, address side effects where appropriate and reduce stress and anxiety associated with living with cancer.