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The pandemic has highlighted how many people are excluded within society. This exclusion has impacted people’s mental health as they struggle to make ends meet and watch their physical health decline too. I learned of people who chose suicide as they saw no way out.

Having supported thousands of people over the years towards better and sustained health I wondered what more I could do to help people who feel excluded from my service.

I remembered an award-winning inspirational scheme which was set up by a therapist in Edinburgh who asked clients and members of her community to donate towards a massage for someone who could not afford it. It works just like a suspended coffee scheme.

I know times are really tight for some people, so whether you can afford £1, a whole treatment starting at £40 or a course of treatments to help numerous people, I am deeply grateful for your help.

I am working with local organisations to ensure the forgotten and excluded can access my service. This includes offering individual massage treatments as well as working with families using story massage to connect, express emotions and regulate healthily.

Thank you for your support. It means a huge amount to me to be able to help more people especially as the new emerging pandemic is a mental health crisis.

And if you need to access a FREE or part-paid treatment to support your mental, emotional or physical health, do get in touch, because we all need a bridge sometimes. It will be my privelege to support you.

Look after each other, warm wishes, Nicolle

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