Nicolle Mitchell About The Little Massage Clinic

Hello, my name is Nicolle Mitchell.

I am a fully qualified Holistic Therapist specialising in Massage & Bodywork & have had an established practice in Cornwall since 1998.

My interest in natural medicine began in the early 1990s when I worked with children who had been traumatised through abuse and neglect. Play therapy and essential oils formed part of the therapeutic care of children in healing their hurt, coming to terms with their past & calming their present mindset.

Lured by my love of Cornwall I moved here in 1997 & qualified as a massage therapist. Since qualifying & starting my own business I have obtained further qualifications. I attend regular training and research constantly to keep up to date in my field.

Although I have a general practice where all are welcome, I specialise in treating people living with dementia, support people living with cancer, take a special interest in trauma and enable people with additional needs to enjoy massage.

In 2012, I won the Federation of Holistic Therapist’s (FHT) Innovation Award of Excellence for developing and delivering my course, “Massaging People Living with Dementia”. My work has also been recognised by being a finalist for the Holistic Therapy Magazine Inspiration Award, 2015; received a Special Mention in the Complementary Therapy Awards “Mental Health & Wellbeing” category, 2018 and I was a finalist for the FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year 2018. I trust this reflects my passion & aspiration to excellence in my work.
I deliver my course and presentations across the UK on my specialist subjects. Both my practice & teaching is about enabling recipients of massage to enjoy their treatment safely & with dignity. I like to agree goals with clients so we are clear about expectations and limitations of treatment.
I work collaboratively with a wide range of groups in the community such as schools, survivors of abuse & people who need extra support. Massage and Story Massage can positively empower people to have healthy body boundaries, help calm people, enhance learning, be a safe way to regulate behaviour in a relational way and reduce bullying among children and young people. I use massage & story telling to tell social stories to address issues around bullying, attachment, trauma, adoption, the environment and social difficulties.
I believe that integrating all medicine, health & social care is the way forward. My vision is for everyone to have access to affordable health and social care, which should include complementary therapy.
I am very lucky to have such rewarding and diverse work. Every day brings new smiles, challenges and lessons ….. most of which my clients teach me.
In my spare time I love time with my family, walking my dog and immersing myself in the next part of my family’s project planting a biodiverse permaculture food forest. It certainly fulfils my need to spend time in nature & garden with the environment in mind. I love music, dancing, reading and oh yes ….. having a regular massage!
Have fun, be well, warm wishes, Nicolle