During this lockdown we have all been experiencing a myriad of emotions: one moment grateful for the quiet & clean air, the next in tears as we grieve the lack of contact with loved ones, especially those who we feel must experience the isolation & loneliness more than others or travel dark experiences on their own without the support we may usually offer. Sometimes our heart breaks with the sadness & other times our heart bursts with the beauty we see in little things or the enormous pride in the compassion & kindness of our children as they grow despite the constrictions placed on us.

So now is the time to up our self-care.

Sometimes I find just allowing myself extra time to not get things done. Affirmations that I am good enough & doing my best under the most difficult circumstances help my headspace. Gardening is hope in action for me. I am whiling more hours away in my garden & up our land planting future food & flowers to bring me & bees joy. It is exercise, therapy & permission to “simply be” all rolled into one.

I have upped my self-care.

Once a week I indulge in a bath where I soak in the oils I feel do me the most good at that moment & maybe read a little to escape, enjoy a good coffee or just soak & focus on my breathing, quietly finding that inner peace. Later when I need to, I can tap into that feeling to ground me when the overwhelm looms.

This week after overdoing it in the garden & up the land, I needed ginger & black pepper to ease my achy muscles. They are both helpful in inducing positivity & strengthening nerves. I mixed 4 drops each of these with 2 drops each of patchouli & sandalwood (sourced under Indian legislation guidelines to conserve trees). These are 2 of my favourite oils which help ground, comfort, addressing lethargy and exhaustion on all levels. Sandalwood can help with acceptance which I feel is useful for our current situation. I find adding the oils to a small amount of milk and adding to the water when it is “just right” to step into, helps the oils disperse better.

You know I think I may just indulge in a second bath this week.

So schedule in time to up your self-care, because looking after you means you look after your loved ones better & take the stress off the NHS now & into the future.

Warm wishes, Nicolle