In our clinic you will find all the means for massage, and not only. Our knowledgeable experts will help you make the right choice.

I would like to warmly welcome you to THE LITTLE MASSAGE CLINIC, CORNWALL

Integrated massage

Integrated massage

At my clinic in Scorrier near Redruth, I offer integrated massage including aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, stress management & hot/cold stone massage.



As a practitioner who specialises in trauma & dementia, I have developed lighter nurturing touch techniques which may be better suited for some clients.



You will find me approachable, respectful, empathic & understanding. If you need any additional support when visiting my practice, please feel free to contact me in confidence and I will endeavor to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible for you. If visiting the clinic is not possible, home visits may be arranged.

Massage in Cornwall

Available treatments I offer bespoke treatments which are fully tailored to suit your specific needs

Integrated Massage

Integrated Massage

Bespoke massage treatments

I combine many massage techniques to guarantee a bespoke treatment to suit your needs with every visit; as your needs change, so does the treatment.

Treatments may involve deep tissue release, acupressure, classical massage, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, lighter nurturing touch techniques & more.

Story Massage

Calming and fun for children, parents and carers

"Destress yourself and calm your children with online Story Massage sessions.

Learn how to use your hands to tell stories in fresh, fun ways in the comfort of your own home.

Help children control their own behaviour, promote learning and nurture each other.

As an adoptive mum, Nicolle understands attachment, trauma and blocked care issues and can provide specialist support for families, carers and their children.

Story Massage
Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Stone and integrated massage

A powerful combination of hot stones with integrated massage techniques.

The stones warm muscles melting away tension and, if needed, cold stones to address inflammation. Hot stone massage brings about a deep rooted sense of balance and relaxation, surrendering your skin to the full impact of essential oils.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment – Auricular Therapy

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

This ancient therapy is relaxing, boosts immunity and leaves you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

I offer this treatment as an ideal solution for treating water in the ear (surfers and swimmers have found this highly beneficial).

It can also treat sinusitis, rhinitis, excess ear wax, narrow ear canals and other ear, nose and throat problems.

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment – Auricular Therapy

Other treatments and therapies Offering help and advice

In addition to my massage treatments, I run courses on Massaging People Living with Dementia, sell aromatherapy products to support your wellbeing and offer health advice and natural treatments for many diseases and ailments.

Feel free to contact me regarding any queries or bookings.

About Us

Nicolle Mitchell About The Little Massage Clinic

Hello, my name is Nicolle Mitchell.

I am a fully qualified Holistic Therapist specialising in Massage & Bodywork & have had an established practice in Cornwall since 1998.

My interest in natural medicine began in the early 1990s when I worked with children who had been traumatised through abuse and neglect. Play therapy and essential oils formed part of the therapeutic care of children in healing their hurt, coming to terms with their past & calming their present mindset.

Lured by my love of Cornwall I moved here in 1997 & qualified as a massage therapist. Since qualifying & starting my own business I have obtained further qualifications. I attend regular training and research constantly to keep up to date in my field.

Although I have a general practice where all are welcome, I specialise in treating people living with dementia, support people living with cancer, take a special interest in trauma and enable people with additional needs to enjoy massage.

In 2012, I won the Federation of Holistic Therapist’s (FHT) Innovation Award of Excellence for developing and delivering my course, “Massaging People Living with Dementia”. My work has also been recognised by being a finalist for the Holistic Therapy Magazine Inspiration Award, 2015; received a Special Mention in the Complementary Therapy Awards “Mental Health & Wellbeing” category, 2018 and I was a finalist for the FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year 2018. I trust this reflects my passion & aspiration to excellence in my work.
I deliver my course and presentations across the UK on my specialist subjects. Both my practice & teaching is about enabling recipients of massage to enjoy their treatment safely & with dignity. I like to agree goals with clients so we are clear about expectations and limitations of treatment.
I work collaboratively with a wide range of groups in the community such as schools, survivors of abuse & people who need extra support. Massage and Story Massage can positively empower people to have healthy body boundaries, help calm people, enhance learning, be a safe way to regulate behaviour in a relational way and reduce bullying among children and young people. I use massage & story telling to tell social stories to address issues around bullying, attachment, trauma, adoption, the environment and social difficulties.
I believe that integrating all medicine, health & social care is the way forward. My vision is for everyone to have access to affordable health and social care, which should include complementary therapy.
I am very lucky to have such rewarding and diverse work. Every day brings new smiles, challenges and lessons ….. most of which my clients teach me.
In my spare time I love time with my family, walking my dog and immersing myself in the next part of my family’s project planting a biodiverse permaculture food forest. It certainly fulfils my need to spend time in nature & garden with the environment in mind. I love music, dancing, reading and oh yes ….. having a regular massage!
Have fun, be well, warm wishes, Nicolle


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Prescribed especially for you or a loved one Bespoke Aromatherapy Blends

Part of my service is to offer people bespoke aroma-blends. If you have a health issue, whether it be physical, mental or emotional there may be something I can prescribe especially for you or a loved one. I mix prescriptions to support your health & maybe ease pain, sleeplessness, or gently support you through grief, depression or anxiety or simply help you and someone you care for reminisce and connect. Please contact me with your enquiry so we can discuss your needs.

Bespoke Aromatherapy Blend

Green Policy The environmental ethos of the Little Massage Clinic

I have been passionate about our planet & sustaining it for most of my life. This has infused every aspect of my working practice since I set up practice in 1998.

In my practice, I have long used essential oils from sources that are organic, organically grown, naturally farmed or wild picked sustainably. My base oils tend to be largely organic & cold pressed to ensure you have an excellent product with maximum nourishing benefits. I mostly use a local supplier Kobashi, in Devon, who I have an excellent relationship with. Scott one of the owners and I have had great conversations about sustainability while I place orders. They are very particular about testing their products stringently for nasties such as insecticides and pesticides.

The bottles and jars I use to mix up my “TLC in a Bottle” are glass, and although these may be heavier to transport, I feel that they can be recycled more effectively more often than plastic. I also use aluminium rather than plastic caps where I can. The labels are recycled paper.

I rarely fill my bin at work, taking almost everything home to recycle, eg/ used couch roll makes excellent firelighter in my burner and the worms love breaking it down in my compost bin in the summer. I think we should all get more savvy where we can about composting and regenerating our earth to grow food healthily which in turn impacts our health. Education and community collaboration has a big part to play here.

Under pandemic conditions I am not using couch roll, using reuseable cotton covers which are changed between clients and dried outside as much as weather permits.

Old towels are reused e.g. donated to animal charities or cut up & used as cloths.

I reuse stationary and packaging wherever possible & paper is either recycled or sustainably sourced.

Good time management minimises travel and fuel consumption. I have a turn off policy, save water & use organically grown herbs from the garden for teas and treatments

I only purchase natural toiletries and cleaners and use refill services.

I bank with the Cooperative Bank as I believe they are one of the most ethical banks around who try to be careful to invest money in sustainability.

Personally, I try to be ethical but still need to make improvements & that is usually money dependent. We buy organic & local when we can, but I confess to the convenience of supermarket shopping all too regularly. Our family tries to avoid frivolous consumption of “stuff” choosing to spend our money on good food & preloved. I have used 100% natural toiletries for decades, often making my own low impact deodorants and buying locally made goodness like soap, shampoo & conditioner bars etc.

I have a steel re-useable water bottle (not aluminium due to traces that can be ingested). I feel “bare” if I leave home without it. I use recycled loo roll & buy natural products where possible. I try to eat ethically but know there is room for me to improve this.

This is the main reason we sold our house, where we had a very productive veg & fruit garden, including a mini polytunnel, & bought a 1.9acre field. It took us years to finally achieve and finally managed this in 2017. We have already planted hundreds of young trees with underplanting of fruit, perennial vegetables & herbs as part of our mission to plant a permaculture food forest. We try different composting ideas & make our own liquid feeds. We feel we are just playing as our knowledge has many gaps, but we felt we needed to consume less & plant more, and that actions speak louder than words. We aim to improve our own food production, hopefully share what we grow & learn as we improve & learn, leaving a legacy our child could be proud to inherit.

As I learn and join up more dots, I will try & improve to reduce my impact on the planet in my home, field & workplace. Always learning … looking after me, looking after you, your family, our community, “our planet”.

“Nobody really owns anything. We give back our bodies at the end of our lives. We own our thoughts, but everything else is just borrowed. We use it for a while, then pass it on.
We borrow the sun that shines on us today from the people on the other side of the world while they borrow the moon from us. Then we give it back. We can't keep the sun, no matter how afraid we are of the dark.” Deborah Ellis, award-winning author, feminist and peace activist

Green Policy