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Massage for People living with Cancer

Just about every one of us has been touched by cancer in some way.

People who live with cancer or who are nearing the end of their lives can still have massage. Until relatively recently, there was a general belief that massage would overstimulate an upset immune system or spread the cancer. There is no evidence to support this.

Thousands of people with cancer get to enjoy & engage in therapy that makes them feel better on their terms. Dr Carl Simonton M.D. treated all his patients with cancer between 1978 & 2009 (when he died). Oncologists in America now learn massage as part of their standard curriculum. I must state though, in accordance with the Cancer Act 1939, I cannot cure cancer.

I like to work with clients & their professional support team to ensure I give the best treatment to suit an individual. I have an extensive consultation with clients to ensure that given the treatments they may be receiving and the type of cancer they have mean that I establish whether it is still safe to administer a massage treatment.

Some of the benefits of regular massage for people with cancer can be as follows:-

- Improved physical & emotional confidence
- Help people express emotions and deal with anger
- Help people experience new hope & positivity
- Help develop greater acceptance of emotional & physical circumstances
- Reduce isolation & fear
- Reduce nausea
- Restore balance & wellbeing
- Induce a sense of calm
- Reduce symptoms of pain or discomfort
- Improve sleep
- Help people feel special, valued & improve self esteem
- Offset side effects of treatment and medication

Feel free to get in touch to discuss details further or make a booking.


A story I have been touched by….

My young nephew Finn was diagnosed with a brain tumour in Dec 2013 & has been living with this ever since. He has been receiving treatment which has resulted in the removal or shrinkage of his tumour. Part of his recuperative journey after his initial invasive surgery involved using his i-pad which was donated by Rowe’s bakery, his dad’s employer. The first time he laughed was when using the …… app.

He used other apps like Talking Tom to help him recover his speech. Now Finn & his family raise money to provide much needed i-pad libraries to Treliske Hospital and the wider community to help children in the following ways:

- Recover with therapeutic apps to help improve speech, motor skills &
- Provide distraction from invasive treatments, sometimes reducing the need for so much medication e.g. pain relief, anaesthetic, canula insertion etc
- Provide fun while having treatment or during stays in hospital
- Provide flexible & child friendly communication tools that are stigma free

If you would like to donate to Finn’s Army and their cause, please go to:

If you would like to follow Finn’s Army and their journey on Facebook click here


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